1571 Alcohol Free Pale Ale


This alcohol-free Pale Ale is inspired by the year Harrogate discovered its first mineral spring.

Clean, crisp and sustainably brewed we've loaded 1571 with oats and B12 to help you hydrate and recover. Full bodied with just a hint of citrus, this is an alcohol-free beer full of flavour without the alcohol. (Vegan friendly).

Because after a long day or post-ride, you deserve a Cold Bath. 

Is 0.5% alcohol free?

0.5% is classified as alcohol-free. In fact, its the same percentage of alcohol as a ripe banana!

What does Isotonic Mean?

Isotonic beers have similar sugar levels to those naturally found in the human body. Isotonic beers will be quicker to hydrate your body and use this as fuel.

Simply the best Alcohol-Free Beer we've tried!
— Gary (Webshop Customer)
More than happy with that. Fruity, peach, pineapple, mango. Super refreshing.
— Jon (Untappd)