This is the Cold Bath Brewing Co Ambassador Programme


A Cold Bath is something to be earned whether that’s after a long day of work or after a 50-mile ride in the Yorkshire Dales.

This is a moment of celebration, of achievement, refreshment, of cerebral calmness and reflection. 

Working Together

Well, we’re seeking partners. This has been our mode of operandi from the start. Whether that’s with Zwift, Rapha, Rouleur, Grantley Hall or Bettys of Harrogate. We enjoy finding creative ways to work together and bringing the best out of each other. 

Fiercely independent, we want you to get to know us, and us you. Have a content idea? Need a spot to record your podcast for an afternoon? Fancy doing a ride-out from or hosting a chef’s table at our Clubhouse? We’re an open door, you can speak to us directly. 

Sound good? Let's set up a chat and make this official. 

As a baseline, this is what we offer as part of our programme: 

- Your own Cold Bath Ambassador Code with a 10% commission kickback to you

- Exclusive discounts: 15% off our webshop and 10% for your friends and family 

- The first opportunity to access new releases 

- Free beer based on sales!


We’ll set up a call just to say hello and start to get to know each other. From there, we can start to think creatively about how we can support each other. 

You’ll receive your Cold Bath Ambassador pack and unique ambassador code to share your unique code on your bio, newsletter, website, or at events to earn commissions.

First Opportunities: Be the first to know about new releases and recipe updates to our core range 

Input on Development: We’re opening a direct dialogue in which you can have a say in new product and brand development - you’ll be interacting and bringing new customers to us so let’s build this community together! 

How to Get Started?

We've partnered with Avelon, a revolutionary platform. Here, we can connect, formalise our partnership and grow together. Here's how it works:

Sign up and receive your personalised profile and code

Whenever your code is used, you earn a commission as a way of saying thanks.

Easily track code usage and download your earnings whenever you like.

Their tracking technology ensures sales you generate are attributed to you, with a 60-day commission window and cross-platform, cross-session tracking. Even if a customer clicks multiple affiliate links, the commission is fairly split among all affiliates in that purchase chain.

We’re looking forward to working with you.