Hand-Crafted Harrogate Beer

We are Cold Bath Brewing Co.

Est in 2017, we were named after the road we were born on, Cold Bath Road. A key artery of Harrogate's natural springs that were discovered in 1571.

Our beers embody this, fresh and and exceptionally clean.

You deserve a Cold Bath.

Sustainbly Brewed

Our Brewing Process

Our recipes are created in-house at our Brewery/ Taproom at 46 King's Road and developed with you, the lovely people of Harrogate before we head over to one of Europe's most sustainably farming breweries to create beer that goes out across the country.

For us, brewing is not a race to churn out as many styles as possible. It's about doing the simple things right—every time. We proudly curate only the finest ingredients and are committed to brewing sustainably. Ensuring every sip you take is both exceptional in taste and kind to the planet.

Brewery | Taproom | Clubhouse

King's Road is our HQ. The engine of the operation sits in the Taproom working overtime to brew multiple new beers a week. Whether we're ageing saisons in wine barrels, developing the recipe for our new alcohol-free pale ale, or brewing IPAs to pair with Yuzu Asian Street Food, there's always something fresh on the taps.

Join us out on the beer terrace or inside next to the tanks.